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Samsung Galaxy A12 is one of the best selling smartphones from Samsung. The smartphone is powered by a MediaTek quad-core processor and runs on the unique OneUI interface. The device comes loaded with 4GB of memory and has an integrated memory card. It has a starting price ofRs 12,500. Buy Samsung Galaxy A12 online and save a lot of time and money. Galaxy A12

With a long-lasting battery, the Galaxy A12 gives you plenty of connectivity options. You can use the microSD card in the event of low memory. You can also connect the USB cable to the micro USB port of the handset if you need to use the external keyboard or the headphones.

The physical layout of the Samsung Galaxy A12 looks very impressive. The phone is also equipped with a unique multi-point touch operation which is capable of bringing forth a variety of functionalities. When it comes to the hardware, the Samsung Galaxy A12 comes loaded with the Helio P35 Octa-core processor along with the ARM Mali-MP5 graphics core running on the Adreno dispatch system for high performance. The clocked frequency of the AM AG facility of the Galaxy A12 ensures that your phone is always ready to take on any activity.

When it comes to the software section of the Samsung Galaxy A12, you will come across an excellent range of applications. These applications can be downloaded from the Samsung Apps website and they are completely free. The dialer application in particular is excellent while running on the Samsung Galaxy A12 as it provides crystal clear pictures of the streets of New York. You can also download various ring tones from this platform to add some spice to your phone. To top it all, the company has also included a suite of services namely the clock, music player and the camera control allowing you to enjoy a long lasting battery experience.

The Galaxy A12 comes along with four variants which include the Single Samsung account only model which is a budget friendly option and two variants named the Extended Samsung Account and the Single Samsung wallet. The single account model has no other preinstalled apps and its connectivity features have been largely improved over the existing model. On the other hand, the Extended Samsung Account comes with many preinstalled apps and comes loaded with more advanced features such as the micro SD slot, 3G connectivity and memory card slot. It is however, priced more expensive than its predecessor. The Samsung Wallet on the other hand has been equipped with a complete range of features including the MMS, SMS and Bluetooth facilities.

We hope that the above review would help you get a better idea about the Galaxy A12 and whether or not you can depend on it to deliver you the kind of performance that you desire from a modern day device. It is one of the hottest devices launched this year and is expected to be even higher in popularity after the upcoming holiday season. If you are looking for a device that has all the features and technologies to make your life easier and convenient, the Galaxy A12 is the perfect device. To get your own device, just go online and visit any of the reputable Samsung mobile stores which offer the device at a price that you can easily afford. You will surely not regret buying the device.

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